About Us

Additional Information on WSG

As we've said before, WSG is more than just a group of kids. We are a family. Started back years ago before most of us met, the two of us (Jonathan and Ezra) came up with the idea, name and sign. Throughout the years we forgot about the idea, but came back to it every now and then. In the winter of 2017 is when we created our Instagram page, as a way for us to show off all the stupid things we do when we hang out. At that point we had only four or five members, so we were still fairly small. Towards the beginning of 2018 and more importantly, the summer of 2018 is when we became who were are today. We bought the website, collaboratively built it, started the jewelry and photography pages, and expanded our talents to something I had never thought we'd be able to do. Current day we are bigger than any other group in Lancaster, PA. From musicians, sponsored BMX riders, Chefs, and some incredible stoners, our group has grown to over ten people, and constantly asked about in our area with even more requests to join. With members in Brazil and members in Canada, WSG has been spreading to include members all over the globe. WSG is the next wave, and will stay no matter where a member moves or how far apart we are. We are family, forever.